Wednesday, October 1, 2008


What I really want to know, and maybe some other do too, is how would I copy and burn the contents of my journal and burn it to a DVD????

I formatted the DVD but the information I got from my computer was to click and drag the files.   How would I put the journal in its entirity into a file (???) and then I could click and drag it.

I am sure others would like to do that too?   I would also be good to save it on DVD


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Even more cranky

I am even more cranky now........Today, or possibly yesterday we heard from the GREAT AND POWERFUL AOL, telling the small and weak minions of AOL that they would no longer be having journals as of October 31, 2008.    I would like to know what pea brained executive thought it would be a good  idea. 

  Is the end of AOL in our futures.   With all the economic woes of the last few months, are they trying to tell us something?????  Now the suggestion is that we all shuffle off to Google.

Well, I did take their suggestions and set up my blog.   But, alas, in my haste and feeling extremely irked,  I spelled my name wrong.   I have only been spelling it right for the past 57 years.  But, never the less, it is done.

I only have to figure out how to move my journal:

I would have gone back and corrected it but the die has been cast and I will just go with the flow and not worry about how I have misspelled my own name.



Monday, September 29, 2008

Still cranky

"The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good."
Samuel Johnson

That is a good thought, wish I had said it first.

I have been spending my time reading other journals today.  What I did find out is that a lot of people seem to be down in the dumps or in a funk.      I am not the only one who has penned some of the same sentiments this month.

I do not know what is the cause of my down mood.   Maybe it has something to do with the change of season, barometric pressure or the lengthening of the night and decrease of the day time.    I wish it would go away, what ever the cause.

Good news, Emily told me today that so far her average in Nursing School is 95.   Way to go EM.   I know you can keep up the excellent work.   I love ya baby.




I am feeling in sort of a crappy state.   I just can not seem to get motivated.  I go to work and can't wait to leave.    I am glad I have a week off in a few weeks.   I guess I will take my aggressions out on cleaning the house.  That is good for getting rid of frustrations.

On Saturday I went to do the Household Hazardous Waste clean up.  A  few times a year in Western PA they will have one day a month when you can get rid of your hazardous things.   Such as, oil, paint, insecticides, and other things of that nature.

This was the first year I volunteered because I    felt it was a good thing to do.    I live in Allegheny County, which was one of its sponsors..

There were a lot of volunteers and we got a lot of things done.  BUT, as I am standing there waiting for the people to file in a woman asked me if I was an employee of Allegheny; County.  NO, as we spoke and I found out, the employees of Allegheny County got paid time and a half to be there.   What was the definition of VOLUNTEER????     I really felt that I was being taken advantage of....why was I there on my day off, blissfully thinking I was helping when the majority of them were getting paid for it.

I will not do that again.   To think that my hard money, paying my county taxes was going to pay for alleged volunteers at this event.  It really made me a bit angry.  

Never again.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday, Friday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another work week under my belt.   Today I did hands.   One of the most common hand troubles is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   It is when the hand gets numb because the nerve is entrapped.   This is a problem with repetitive actions.   Such as typing and computer work.    I give sedation  and the surgeon injects a bit of local and then he releases the tightness surrounding the nerve.   I think the hand is immobilized for about 2 weeks.   Just think, you can not feed yourself or worse wipe you own butt.    You really have to like someone to help with this. 

Tomorrow I am a volunteer for the hazardous waste recycling.   If you have hazardous waste, there are a few days in the summer and fall that you can take the stuff and paid $2 gallon and they will dispose of it for your.    It is really cheap and they get rid of it in a prescribed manner.     I think all I will be doing is passing our papers and things of that nature.  They expect 2000 drop offs.   I have a few gallons of motor oil to be disposed.   I also get a free T-shirt and a $10 gift card at the Giant Eagle.  (food store.)

I will take my camera and  take pics of the guys in the hazmat suits.   Back in 2004 when my dad died, my sibs and I cleaned out his garage and found all sort of hazardous waste.   It was in unlabeled jars; my worst fear was being ass-ended on the PA Turnpike and turning the car into a fire ball.   That did not happen, thank the Lord.   I was a bit nervous.    

New computer trouble.   It keeps sending me information that my wireless Internet is disconnected/ connected.  It is flashing like a beacon.   I do not know what to do.  I went into Acer Management and connected it,. but, why does it not stay connected.   Guess the computer needs exorcising.  I just got the damn thing back...   Making me crazy, it is.

Think I need a picture.   A few more gourds to add to the mixture.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I don't have stock!!!!!!

Other than painting them and selling them at craft shows and in stores, what is the use of gourds???

At work:    People who will remain nameless:  "I don't feel sorry for all those rich people who have stock.   I don't have any stock"

Claudia:  "Do you have a 401K?

Coworker:  "Yes, with Fidelity."

Claudia:   "YOU HAVE STOCK"

What were they thinking??  Bet they hadn't looked at it since they set it up......

Today was an eight hour day.   That was really nice.....I left "early"

Tomorrow is another eight hour day.   I like these eight hour days.

Today I did cataracts with IOL implants.  That is Intra ocular lens..   They can make your vision 20/20 after your cataract is removed.

Tomorrow I am doing Gall Bladder removals all day.   One would think that everyone in America has had their GB removed.  Except me and I am happy to report that it is fine.   Of course, I make it a point to not abuse it with fatty foods.   The food served in our cafeteria is absolutely a gall bladder test meal.





Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Scarey thought

"There is nothing more horrifying than stupidity in action."
Adlai E. Stevenson

This is in epidemic proportions today.    Also, never underestimate the power of stupidity in groups.